Changes in Legislation & Regulation

Responsible Care Management Systems

Responsible Care Management Systems

Integrated Management System

Internal Auditors are a line of defence for the organization against the threats facing it. It is the strength to integrate and get them aligned and providing them the authority that will give the organization the strength to improve its overall governance. We provide training on various management system standards including Advanced Courses for people who have done Lead Auditor Course to drive Excellence in the organization

EHS Regulatory Compliance

The increasing pace of increase in EHS regulations and their compliance including increasing penalties pose a significant risk to business not only in terms of fines but also business disruptions in many cases. We provide complete solutions for EHS regulatory compliance including training, consulting, assessment and software support for India and some of the other countries like Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

EHS Social and Security Audits

  • Natural and Man-Made Disasters
  • Changes in Legislation and Regulation
  • Fire and Explosion
  • New Technologies
  • Shortage of Skilled Work Force
  • Climate Change
  • Water Crisis

Environmental Due Diligence and Environment and Social Governance (ESG) for Mergers Acquisitions and Private Equity Funds

Companies try to cover up their risk during Mergers and Acquisitions by using standards like Environmental Site Assessment as per ASTM 1527 and integrate social and regulatory compliance issues for brownfield projects. EHS due diligence is also carried out during investment by Private Equity Funds. We provide services in the field of EHS Due Diligence for Mergers and Acquisitions for multinational clients from US, Europe, Japan and other parts of the world.

Emergency Planning and Business Continuity

This is specifically for overall Business Continuity Planning considering some of the top-most risks the organizations are facing today including Natural and man-made disasters including those from Environment, Health & Safety and Information and Site Security. We provide services related to review of Emergency Plans, Disaster Management Plans and Business Continuity Plans and help modify to ensure their integration and make them resilient to the degree of risks faced by changing scenario in the organization.

Sustainability Excellence as per British Safety Council 5-Star Rating System and CII-Sustainability System

Sustainability Excellence as per British Safety Council 5-Star Rating System and CII-Sustainability System

Environment and Social Impact (ESIA) Assessment an Environment and Social Management System (ESMS) as per IFC Principles

Companies conduct Environment and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) and Environment and Social Management System (ESMS) to access funds from Direct Funding Institutions (DFIs) and Private Equity (PE) Funds. These can be based on IFC Principles on Environment and Sustainability as per CDC Tool Kit, UK and GIZ. We provide full consultancy support and periodic assessment for organizations that are accessing funds or have accessed funds.